Thanos arrives and we size him up and weight him...and the Hulk...then we call The Guardians!

Artist: Mark Bagley Released: 6/13/12


The Avengers suit up in unnecessary suits and dive to Utopia to grab Hope. Brian still doesn't like Wanda.

Script by Jonathan Hickman Artist: Olivier Coipel Released: 6/20/12


Nothing helps a kung fu student fight a cosmic bird of flame like da Vinci

Artist: Mike Deodato Jr. Released: 6/20/12


Matt and Brian play "What's that X-Man's real name?" and "Who is the smartest in the Marvel Universe?" Oh, and Emma set's Hawkeye on fire too.

Script: Matt Fraction Artist: Olivier Coipel Released: 7/4/12


We spend a lot of time talking about Drax, so settle in. Also, no matter who your favorite Guardian is, we can all agree that Bug is terrible.

Artist: Mark Bagley Released: 7/11/12


Luke, Jessica and Clint are kidnapped by the X-Men, but all we can talk about is who Danger should date!

Artist: Mike Deodato Jr Released: 7/11/12


Namor crosses the line.

Art: Adam Kubert Released: 7/17/12


Thunderbolt attempts to take out Cyclops

Artist: Walt Simonson Released: 7/11/12


It's more than just a motto to Spider-Man

Script: Jason Aaron Artist: Adam Kubert Released: 8/01/12


Is the Egg McMuffin the greatest thing to come from Earth? Probably not.

Artist: Mark Bagley Released 8/08/12


It's our last visit at the ol Fun Time Inc.

Artist: Mike Deodato Jr. Released: 8/8/12


Emma starts to lose it and Scott crosses the line

Artist: Adam Kubert Script: Ed Brubaker Released: 8/15/12


My mind’s playin' tricks on me.

Artist: Walt Simonson Released: 8/15/12