Say what you will about those New Avengers, but they might not be great at crowd control

Artist: Mike Deodato Jr. and Will Conrad Released: 2/29/12


The crowd can't decide who to cheer for and no one knows what to do with Storm

Artist: Daniel Acuna Released: 2/29/12


Nothing is grosser than discovering Vision is fully functional. Also... So long, Norman

Artists: Daniel Acuna Released: 3/14/12


A brand new and very familiar team band together to fight the most fierce villains in the Marvel universe...The Zodiac?

Artist: Mark Bagley Released: 3/14/12


Skaar shows his true dark colors, Luke does the impossible and we look at a family picture that never happened.

Artist: Mike Deodato Jr . Released: 3/28/12


So much pain and angst for a robo...androi....synthazoid.

Artist: Brandon Peterson Released: 3/28/12


Vision throws some major shade while Hope throws some major snakes

Written by Brian Michael Bendis and Jason Aaron

Artist: Frank Cho Released: 3/28/12


Steve and Tony tell the White House some pretty terrible information about the Phoenix and then go into the X-Men's house and stir up a little trouble

Artist: John Romita Jr Released: 4/4/12


Luke and Jessica have long overdue discussion and Danny tries to talk to an angry mob

Artist: Will Conrad and Mike Deodato Jr. Released: 4/4/12


The Zodiac become harder and harder to deal with

Artist: Mark Bagley Released: 4/11/12