Bullseye takes Lindy out for a swim

Artist: Mike Deodato Jr. Released: 3/17/10


Sentry comes in like a wrecking ball and Norman shows his true colors

Artist: Olivier Coipel Released: 3/17/10


Let's get into the fight and maybe flashback a bit!

Artist : Mike McKone Released 3/24/10


Is it possible that The Hood could have gotten away with it? And the sweet face of Mandrill. The Hood and the Masque: Ship it!

Artist: Mike McKone Released: 4/28/10


So long Bob. We hardly understood thee.

Artist: Olivier Coipel Released: 05/17/10


So long to our evil dark friends

Artist: Mike Deodato Jr. Released: 5/17/10


The Hood and the Madame finally get whats coming to em as we say good by to the first volume of New Avengers! Onward and upward!

Artist: Bryan Hitch and Jackson "Butch" Guice Released: 5/17/10


Back to the status quo... meaning here comes Kang to ruin the reunion

Art: John Romita Jr. and Klaus Janson Released 5/24/18