Never let a Skrull take your baby, and once again if you are a PI, please get in touch with us!
Covering: New Avengers #47  Artist: Billy Tan and Michael Gaydos  Released: 12/03/08


The war is over, but AT WHAT COST!?!
Covering: Secret Invasion #8  Artist: Leinil Francis Yu  Released: 12/3/08


What's worse than a bunch of bad guys getting organized? When they get organized with a solid idea.
Covering: Secret Invasion: Dark Reign #1  Artist: Alex Maleev  Released: 12/10/08



Let's end season one with some style! ...with a funeral. RIP Janet, we will see you soon. Also, Hank Pym is sympathetic? Sure, but for one day!  Special Guest: Justin Townsend
Covering: Mighty Avengers #20  Artist: Carlos Pagulayan, Lee Weeks and Jim Cheung  Released: 12/17/08