Nick Fury has a busy day. He visits Luke Cage in the hospital, learns where tech based villains get their funding and decides to disobey the President.  
Covering Secret War #1   Artist: Gabriele Dell’Otto   Release Date: 2/4/04


Cap punches Fury, Fury recruited a team, Wolverine appears to be drunk, Black Widow makes everything look good and Daisy Johnson.
Covering Secret War #2  Artist: Gabriele Dell’Otto  Release Date: 5/26/04


HELL COMES TO AVENGERS-TOWN! It's the Avengers worst day. Tony gets mental-drunk, Vision melts and turns into an army of his brother, She-Hulk gets savage and it's just an all around bad day... and it's just the beginning.  Covering Avengers #500  Artist: David Finch  Release Date: 7/28/04


Hank Pym faces his demons. Tony Stark faces his friends. She-Hulk faces a fist and the Avenger's worst day continues. It takes a lot to get everyone together for a family reunion. 
Covering Avengers #501  Artist: David Finch  Release Date: 9/1/04


The Kree attack! Maybe? We lose Hawkeye and maybe our sanity?!?! Doctor Strange arrives to make this all make sense! Or does he? WILL THIS DAY GET ANY WORSE?! ...probably....
Covering Avengers #502  Artist: David Finch  Release Date: 9/22/04


Uh-oh... Fury's secret army smells something foul. Cap looks good in a bomber jacket! WE FINALLY MEET SCORCHER! Also, apparently it's brave to steal milk in Hell's Kitchen. 
Covering Secret War #3   Artist: Gabriele Dell’Otto  Release Date: 10/13/04


There is something terribly wrong with Wanda. Doctor Strange gets fed up. Agatha Harkness we hardly knew thee. Magneto picks up his daughter. Covering Avengers #503  Artist: David Finch and Oliver Coipel
Extra Content: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Dick Ayers, Bob Sharen, George Perez, John Byrne, Scott Kolins, Kieron Dwyer, Alan Davis, Michael Golden, Brent Anderson, JG Jones  Released: 9/08/04


A toast to Avengers old and new, and artist old and new. The Avengers is over... they were great, but now disassembled. But put those handkerchiefs away... something new is on the way!  Covering: Avengers FinaleArtist: David Finch, Alex Maleev, Steve Epting, Lee Weeks, Michael Gaydos, Eric Powell, Darick Robertson, Mike Mayhew, David Mack, Michael Avon Oeming, Jim Cheung, Steve McNiven and George Perez  Released: 10/18/04


Costume or no costume? Costume! The podcast can now officially start! Everyone owes Electro big time. The Raft explodes. Foggy is terrified. Jessica jinxes everyone. Oh... and then there's Sentry.  TJ McDonald joins us to usher in a new era!  Covering New Avengers #1  Artist: David Finch  Released:  12/01/04


Sentry takes Carnage to space. Hydro Man makes an appearance. Iron Man's timing is questionable at best. Purple Man.
Covering New Avengers #2  Artist: David Finch  Released: 12/29/04


Purple Man gets a fist to go with his apple. Cap waxes poetic then puts a team together. Tony gives a building. Jessica has a long way to walk. 
Covering New Avengers #3  Artist: David Finch  Released: 02/02/05


Dayum Jessica. Luke webs up. Spider-banter is the best banter. Electro gets his just desserts and we're not talking about a Boston cream pie. Tony will teach us to fly. There is something with three claws in the brush. Matt and Brian talk about hardcovers.   Covering: New Avengers #4  Artist: David Finch  Released: 3/23/05


It's Clobbering Time! Fury falls from unfathomable heights. Scorcher steals the show. Latveria's Revenge!
Covering: Secret War #4  Artist: Gabrielle Dell'Otto  Released: 3/30/05


Jessica suffers no fools. Sauron makes his threat. Sauron loses his head. Everybody is naked the Savage Land!
Covering: New Avengers #5  Artist: David Finch  Release Date: 4/27/05


Something has to be done about Wanda. The Avengers (new and old) meet with the X-Men to discuss how to handle the Scarlet Witch and her ever loosening grip on reality. field trip to Genosha, a flash of light and there is a blonde in Peter's bed.  Covering: House of M #1  Artist: Olivier Coipel   Released: 6/1/05


Black Widow, but not that Black Widow, catches a face full of fire. SHIELD is up to no good in the Savage Land, Wolverine is now officially one of the good guys.
Covering: New Avengers #6  Artist: David Finch  Released: 6/22/05


Everyone we know has been given what they've always wanted, but for Wolverine that is not a good thing. Carol is the world's greatest non mutant hero, Steve is an old man and the FF are dead. Cage has some sweet corn rows. Luckily Matt is still Matt and Brian is still Brian.  Covering: House of M # 2  Artist: Olivier Coipel  Released: 6/22/05


Wolverine jumps! Then he reads a paper, breaks into a home and meets up with the not so dead Hawkeye. House of M is getting tense! 
Covering: House of M #3  Artist: Olivier Coipel  Release Date: 7/6/05


What a stacked issue. We get to meet Tony's secret club, the daughter of a collector, and newly freed Wrecker and a destroyed tricycle. 
Covering: New Avengers #7   Artist: Steve McNiven  Released: 7/13/05


Meet Layla. She is not named after the song. Hawkeye doesn't like that he is dead, Wilson Fisk has a big chair, Misty doesn't make it out, Emma has been awakened.
Covering: House of M #4  Artist: Olivier Coipel   Released: 7/20/05