Never let a Skrull take your baby, and once again if you are a PI, please get in touch with us!
Covering: New Avengers #47  Artist: Billy Tan and Michael Gaydos  Released: 12/03/08


The war is over, but AT WHAT COST!?!
Covering: Secret Invasion #8  Artist: Leinil Francis Yu  Released: 12/3/08


What's worse than a bunch of bad guys getting organized? When they get organized with a solid idea.
Covering: Secret Invasion: Dark Reign #1  Artist: Alex Maleev  Released: 12/10/08



Let's end season one with some style! ...with a funeral. RIP Janet, we will see you soon. Also, Hank Pym is sympathetic? Sure, but for one day!  Special Guest: Justin Townsend
Covering: Mighty Avengers #20  Artist: Carlos Pagulayan, Lee Weeks and Jim Cheung  Released: 12/17/08


Matt and Brian are back to talk about what they did over there Summer, that is to say, they ramble about nothing for 30 minutes and talk about information relevant to the show for about 10. Welcome back, eh?


Whatever happened to Baby Danielle?

Artist: Billy Tan Released: 12/24/08


Norman puts a team together. Morgan le Fay looks to get even. Dark Avengers Assemble!

Artist: Mike Deodato Released: 1/21/09


We get to the hard questions in this episode: Where is baby Cage? Is Luke at the mercy of Norman? Who had to go to Best Buy? Artist: Billy Tan Released: 1/28/09


Ain't no foolin' Norman, Jessica Drew! Artist: Billy Tan, Bryan Hitch, David Aja, Michael Gaydos, Alex Maleev, David Lopez, Greg Horn, Steve McNiven, Leinil Yu Release Date: 2/25/09


Doom gets a lesson in the do's and don't's of dating Morgan le Fay

Artist: Mike Deodato Jr. Released: 3/19/09


A lovely conversation with Norman and his new friend Bob.

Artist: Mike Deodato Jr. Released: 3/18/09


Hey, Bub. How's your throwing arm? Also a discussion of Free Comic Book Day

Artist: Jim Cheung Released: 3/18/09


Wiccan and Dr. Strange get breakfast and Simon goes on The Tonight Show

Artist: Chris Bachalo and Billy Tan Released: 3/25/09


Things get cray cray with Billy and The Hood

Artist: Chris Bachalo and Billy Tan Released: 4/22/09


A long discussion about Daken and patching things up with Doom.

Artist: Mike Deodato Jr. Released: 4/29/09


The eye will reveal all!

Artist: Billy Tan Released: 5/28/09


An interview with Norman and Marvel Boy makes all kinds of discoveries

Artist: Mike Deodato Jr. Released: 6/03/09


The Brother of Brother Voodoo, Brother Voodoo, the Son of Satan and Doctor Doom get ready for some supernatural action. Also it's time to kill the Green Goblin

Artist: Billy Tan Released: 6/24/09


Somehow this one ends with the Great Gazoo?

Artist : Mike Deodato Jr Released 6/24/09


And thus begins the dawning of the era of us talking how amazing Stuart Immonen is. Also Jonas Harrow, Slobbish Wolverine and Spidey is out!

Artist: Stuart Immomen Release Date: 7/29/09